Stamford CT Real Estate

If you love beauty, Stamford, CT may be the place for you to start your Real Estate search. Stamford, CT Listings. Stamford, CT real estate is situated on Long Island Sound.  Stamford, CT real estate is a breathtaking setting for comfortable New England living and a busy cosmopolitan center teaming with successful enterprise and culture enrichment. Real estate is a major hub of Metro-North’s commuter train with express trains daily from Stamford, CT to New York City. It takes about 45 minutes to get to Stamford to Grand Central.


Stamford, CT Real Estate
Stamford, CT Real Estate


Stamford, CT real estate is a city of approximately, 120,000 residents. Stamford, CT real estate ranges about 37 square miles. Stamford, CT real estate is the 4th largest city in Connecticut. Stamford, CT real estate is multi-faceted, features include beautiful shore front scenery, country lanes, homes sites bordered by the very stone walls placed centuries ago. The center core of Stamford, CT is downtown which offers a wide assortment of fine restaurants, retail stores, shopping mall and a variety of interesting attractions.

Stamford, CT real estate has outstanding hospitals in addition to a number of private extended care and public convalescent homes. Stamford, CT school system is dedicated to its children and an active community. Stamford, CT was named a TOP TEN city in the country to raise children by Parenting Magazine.

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